• All site operatives are given frequent safety orientations and reminders on a regular basis.
  • Special safety measures are taken when handling heavy equipment i.e.: erecting scaffolding, spraying paints etc.
  • It is mandatory for all our site operatives and visitors to wear helmets, coveralls and safety shoes at all times of work.
  • Special goggles are worn while performing tasks such as welding, spraying, block chasing etc.
  • Safety belts are compulsory when performing jobs at elevated positions.
  • First aid is always made available at all sites and periodic refilling/ replacements of medicines are carried out as and when required.
  • Hazard and other safety signs are displayed at appropriate places as per HSE standards.
  • Special training is given; to all operatives, handling site machinery and to all employees for providing first aid treatment. First aid boxes are always placed in such a way so as to enable easy access.
  • Extreme care is taken while storing potentially dangerous materials.
  • It is always ensured that the operating environments have adequate lighting provided.
  • The safety officer in charge works in close coordination and tandem with the site operatives.


Delivering superior value through our competitive advantages. Focusing on innovative, flexible and open approaches towards our clients’ needs.

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To strive relentlessly to exceed the expectations of our esteemed clients by way of rendering prompt and dedicated service coupled with quality and workmanship.

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Our Values

What sets us apart from our competitors, is the way we treat our community, employees and clients. The core values we cherish at A.T.C.C. are as follow:


We maintain our commitments to the clients and make sure to help them achieve their targets. It is why we have a high client return rate.


The essence of any good company is its team-spirit. The idea of our work force exuding efficient teamwork, is not one we take lightly. We aim to help the consultants and subcontractors synergies in order to reach the most effective courses of action.


The great city of Dubai overflows with passion, it is one of our main drives. We make sure to allude it to all our clients. This helps us keep the moral high and lift the spirits of any one working for and with us, which lets them produce good work.

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Al Tariq Contracting LLC

‘Al Tariq’ is committed to providing services to the utmost satisfaction of its clients while complying with requirements of the ‘specifier’ and local authorities in all respects. In keeping with this mission, we have drawn up, comprehensive quality scheme which are fully integrated so as to cover the following aspects of operations.

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As to the first step towards quality implementations, our professional engineers study the excavation drawings in an elaborate manner depicting even the minute details of construction. While working in the lines of drawings, ‘inputs’ from the following invariably goes into the making of tender projects.

  • Feed backs on site conditions
  • Co-ordination with other service providers
  • Applying civil, structural and architectural drawings
  • Complying with the regulation of local authorities


    ‘Al Tariq’ always makes it a point to ensure the smooth completion of all its projects within the stipulated time. This is mainly accomplished with the help of our planning and coordination section, wherein the work program for the specific project is well chalked out in keeping the mainstream activities, followed by close monitoring of activities at site. Close co-ordination, execution and procurement divisions is initiated by the planning department, besides ensuring the effective utilization of resources.


    Our procurement division ensures the smooth and timely delivery of materials required at site. To this end, we have developed a line up of reputed vendors capable of delivering a reliable and efficient service in line with our requirements. Dealing with business houses means the supply of genuine products backed by reliable post sales services.


    We assign professional and qualified engineers and foreman at site to oversee the project operations whose collective experience in the industry contribute to the completion of the work in many ways than one. On the work front, the laborers are not only skilled, but also well trained to handle jobs of complex nature.
    Our in-house training programs conducted frequently help them sharpen the skills. In addition to the daily briefings, weekly meeting of all team members with the project manager is a must,
    which enable us to review the site progress, tackle the issues, effectively plug all possible loop holes and also take into account all the creative suggestions of the team members.


    ‘Al Tariq’ believes the quality is an inherent aspect in today’s hi-tech world that no organization can do away. Our quality control sections basically over see the following

    • To create and maintain a ‘quality sense’ among our employees.
    • Careful examination of material prior to use at site as to their quality, properties, genuineness and compliance with specification.
    • Detailed assessment of work at various stages initiating various test procedures and issuing of relevant test certification
    • Active participation in our weekly meetings.

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